Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Talking About Helen 3-18-15

        Molly and Michael get caught by Heather standing outside of her window, Heather calls them out by saying that they are spying on her. But in reality Molly is trying to prove to Michael that Heather actually did crawl out of the window. Molly's and Michael's parents over hear Heather yelling at the that Helen will come. Dave barges in and says, "What did you do to her? Haven't you caused enough?" and Michael responds saying, "Why can't you just open your eyes? Heather is lying!". But as usual, Dave doesn't believe there story. Mom comes in and says, "After the talk we had last night, you are still messing with Heather?!".

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Molly's Aftermath 3-17-15

        When Molly returns from the graveyard before Heather, she acts like she's sound asleep. Heather comes back through the window to find Molly supposedly sound asleep. She whispers in Molly's ear and says, "Just wait till Helen comes and you will regret everything you've done." Molly is quite disturbed by this but is still able to fall back to sleep. Molly wakes up in the early morning and rushes to Michael's room to tell him all about what happened last night. Michael believes that this was just a nightmare and Molly was dreaming. Molly can't express to him enough the evidence that she was awake and conscious as this whole episode happened. After Molly shows him the evidence, of the box that Heather used to climb in and out of the window, he still doesn't believe that this was real but it's probably because he doesn't want to believe that this is really happening. 

Helen Comes 3-16-15

         After the parents fight, the kids are sent to bed. Molly notices that Heather is sound asleep so she feels safe to go to bed, she just can't trust her anymore. In the middle of the night, Molly awakes to the sound of a window creaking, she looks up to see Heather climbing out of the window. Molly jumps out of bed to look out the window to see where Heather is headed. She sees a light blue glow at the graveyard that is off in the distance. Heather is headed directly toward that light.  Molly follows Heather toward the graveyard to see why she's going there. She finds Heather talking to a floating light blueish glow that appears to be a little girl in a white dress. Molly can't believe her eyes, she is positive that this is Helen due to the picture that the librarian had previously shown her and Michael. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Helen Blog

         Molly and Michael's parents get into a fight with one another because the mom always picks the kids side. When the kids have an excuse for either being out too long or bothering Heather she runs to their defense. This is causing Dave, their dad, to feel like he's on his own with his decisions and discipline. 

          Since Dave is so mad about the other kids bothering Heather, he decides to take her to dinner with just the two of them even though dinner is ready for them at home. After they left, Molly told her mom she hates Dave, the step dad. Mom tells Molly and Michael, "None of this would have happened if you had done what I'd asked you to and just taken Heather to the library with you." They dropped the topic and just went to Michael's room.  After awhile, Molly went to the kitchen to find her mom wiping her eyes. She whispered to her that she was sorry with her mom forgiving her. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Helen Discussions

          Molly and Michael's parents were disappointed in them because they have been bothering Heather, their younger sister, about Helen the ghost. Heather thinks that Helen is her real friend, when in fact she's a ghost that means harm to her. As said before in my previous blog, Michael and Molly went to the library and researched about Helen and her family, they have been trying to bring it up with their parents that Helen is not an imaginary friend but was a little girl from the 1920's that had died in a fire.  Heather has been playing around with Helen. Heather believes that she's the only one that can see Helen, but everyone else can actually see Helen when she appears.

         Michael and Molly's parents are not believing any of this story besides that Helen existed previously. They also thought it was a coincidence that Helen lived there but not that she's a ghost currently living there and playing with there daughter. They don't understand the danger that Helen brings to their home and their surroundings. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Helen Blogging (3-2-15)

         Molly's mom became very angry because she was afraid something had happened to them since they were gone longer than anticipated.  They were actually at the library talking to the librarian about the history of Helen the ghost's old and broken down home. The librarian believed that this urban legend was all a myth, at first, then after researching further she learned that Helen and her family were real and buried in a nearby gravesite. She also learned that many young girls have died at the pond nearby Helen's home, all were thought to have drowned.  But many say that Helen, the ghost, has lured many kids into being her friend but after all she was a lost soul looking to trick them into their own death. It became no coincidence that all of the drownings were found tangled in the weeds at the bottom of this pond. 

Once the kids came home, they explained to their mom what was taking place and what they had been researching with the librarian. She understood their interest and intrigue with the subject, but it concerned her that they might have been hurt.